said: Wanna come to Detroit with me?
yes of course, but what does Detroit have except extremely restrictive gun laws, crime, and baseball?

Air pollution?

: If you understood the context behind the statement, I highly doubt you would be standing on a soapbox about my post.

I ran through several contexts in my head about situations in which a man might call someone a “female”. My ludicrous catcalling one there, statisticians discussing differences between men and women of a certain demographic, economists discussing wages, doctors discussing medicine… there is just no realistic context in which the term “female” could, in and of itself, be objectifying. Female is not derogatory. It’s a gender. The only way it could be objectifying that I can think of would be if someone walked up to you and explicitly said “hey, female, get the fuck out of my seat” or something… in which case, he could call you “woman” and it’d be no less objectifying.

Sorry, your post was absurd, no matter which way you slice it.


I cannot fucking stand it when men call women “females”. I’m not a fucking object. Do not address me as so.

…usually I break out the old “women in other parts of the world have acid thrown in their faces in the name of Allah if they refuse to have their labia chopped off with rusty knives” line to really exemplify how petty this is, but this is too petty for even that. THIS is what objectification has become? Use of the term ‘female’? Wow. I remember a time when an objectifying thing to call a woman was “chick” or “baby” or “sweet cheeks”. Now it’s “female”? Lol. I can just picture it now, girl walking by a construction site, guys there eating out of aluminum lunch boxes, catcalling. “Heeeyyy, lookin’ good, female!”. Oh, the Patriarchy!

North American feminism, people. Never miss an opportunity to be offended.

) . ( = Curvy

( . ) = “Curvy”

So this is from the game S4 League, a third person shooter. Typical free-to-play offering, you spend money on things like costumes. This is the new pair, Frozen Lilith and Frozen Leader.

Just goes to show that “omg ridiculous, oversexualized armor” is not exclusive to women. And would you look at that, I’ve yet to see even one male up in arms over this.

But I guess feminists will be bitching about “omg why is HE the Leader and SHE’S just Lilith? Why can’t SHE be Frozen Leader and HE be Frozen Luis?”

Feminists, not happy unless they’re oppressed.


Fair question!

If you understood the reasons why there’s a disparity in the average wages of men and women, you’d know that they already do.



Preach it, girl.

This is dark, but probably one of the best examples of why I don’t agree with feminists watering down the definition of rape or sexual assault.

: "Male Power Fantasy" is a reminder that gay men do not exist according to feminism.

Ain’t that the truth. Gay men are competition, lol.

"Not once has a Feminist ever come to restore electricity to my neighborhood at 3 A.M. Not once has a Feminist ever fixed my plumbing. Not once has a Feminist fixed my car or patrolled my street for criminals, or done anything useful. But ALWAYS, Feminists hold themselves up before me as if they are indispensable to society for doing nothing but complaining."

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You know if you hired us maybe, just MAYBE we could do that

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How can you not be hired, with all the affirmative action that forces companies to hire 50% women, regardless of their talent or qualifications?

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